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What is SR22 Insurance?

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Reader Question

So what is SR22 insurance and who really needs to have it and why?


Houston, TX


Hi there Sam,

That is a great question, thanks for asking and thanks for your email. SR22, or as you say SR22 insurance actually is not really “insurance” but rather a certificate or bond stating that your auto insurance company is accepting additional liability and risk that you have brought upon yourself basically.

If you have had a DUI, OWI, DWI, driving without a license or driving with a suspended license…and probably a few other reasons based on different state mandates your state will require you to carry that SR22 bond.  You will have to apply for it, just like auto insurance and will have to be approved and sold the bond.

SR22 Bonds or Certificates

The prices on SR22 bonds vary greatly so I can not really give you an actual price quote, but I can tell you they can be very expensive. Usually a state will require the driver to carry this SR22 bond for 2 years to prove they can be trusted again.

Once the time period runs out the driver can drop the bond and try to resume life as normal although their car insurance premiums will still remain much higher than normal due to the infraction.

So to recap your question of what is SR22

1. It’s something you really do not want to have to get

2. It’s costly and not all auto insurance companies will issue it.  Geico does issue SR22 insurance I know.  Did you know that Geico stands for Government Employee Insurance Company?  It was acquired by Warren Buffet in 1998 I believe, and is obviously open to all the public now.

3. You can be forced to carry the SR22 coverage for 2 years, sometimes more sometimes less depending on what laws you broke and how the judge feels about you.

4. The SR22 is more of a bond rather than insurance, but you obtain it from a local car insurance agent.

5. It will stay on your driving record for a long time, in some states it will never go off your driving record.

6. Not all states require SR22, some states have their own program for DUI type of charges. Pennsylvania calls their program ARD.  ARD stands for “Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition.” And is designed for first time DUI offenders that keeps the offender’s criminal record clean, as well as allowing him to keep his driver’s license.

If you need to get a price quote on SR22, then please seek an advertiser on this page, they will be glad to assist you in getting a free online quote.

I found this kinda cute…although it really is no “laughing” matter, but still.

What is SR22